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Asphalt Company in Voorhees NJ completes Parking Lot Maintenance Project

The pavement maintenance experts at Asphalt Pavement Solutions recently completed a parking lot maintenance project for a commercial client in Voorhees, NJ (located in Camden County).

The building owner had recently had the building renovated and wanted to have the parking lot repaired as well. His general contractor, who we have worked for many times, knew we could be trusted with his parking lot needs so he gave us a call. He asked us to come by and assess what needs done as soon as possible but he also needed the project done rather quickly because he needed to get his Certificate of Occupancy on that Monday.

We determined that the lot needed to be repaired and sealed with line striping. Some areas on the lot were patched and crack sealed. We ended up sealcoating a total of 30,000 square feet and crack sealing 2000 linear feet. We did 350 square feet of asphalt patching and created 50 stalls of line striping with stencils.

We squeezed his job in over the weekend to met his deadline and got it done. The contractor and customer were both very pleased. The customer commented that the parking lot “looks great” while we were on the job.

Asphalt Repair Project in Lawrence Twp NJ

As the top parking lot maintenance and asphalt repair contractor in Lawrence Township, NJ, Asphalt Pavement Solutions was recently contracted to help with a project for a local apartment complex.

The parking lot in the complex was aging and had some significant water issues beneath the surface as there were a few areas where water was seeping up through the asphalt. The property owner knew the parking lot needed help but was hoping to avoid a costly major asphalt project for the time being. She received a mailer from us a few years ago and had us work for him then so he called us to look at his parking lot for this project too.

We determined that the parking lot needed asphalt patching, crack sealing, sealcoating and line striping. She was told that our asphalt paving crew would be able to prevent having to have the entire lot replaced to get it by for a few years longer. She was happy to hear this and asked us to get his project moving as soon as we could, knowing that the pot holes and water issues posed liability issues for her property.

We crack sealed 30,111 LF and performed 900 SF of 4’ depth asphalt patching followed by 350,595 SQ of sealcoating. We then did line striping on 20,097 LF of the parking lot and added 382 Reserve Stencils and 382 number stalls to complete the project.

She said the parking lot looks wonderful and that our team was absolutely awesome. We look forward to working with her again in the future!

3 Ways to Protect Your Parking Lot Against Winter Damage

Holiday lights are twinkling, and the temperatures are getting colder — winter is officially here!  While winter weather might make for a beautiful holiday, it can also cause major damage to parking lots. Use these tips to help protect your parking lot before the snow arrives — and enjoy a safer space when spring rolls around.

  • Make the plow’s job easier. Snow plows help remove snow and ice from your parking lot — an important step in protecting against damage. However, if there are shopping carts, trash, or other stray items on your lot that a plow can run over, a plow can easily damage your asphalt. Clear all objects from your parking lot before a snowstorm to ensure that the plow doesn’t damage your lot.
  • Shovel as often as possible. If you allow snow to hang around your parking lot, water can seep into the cracks in your asphalt. When the water freezes and expands, the cracks and potholes in your lot can get bigger. Prevent excessive damage by shoveling as soon as possible after a snowstorm.
  • Repair your potholes before the snow arrives. If you wait until the snow arrives to fill in your potholes, you’ll see more damage to your lot after winter. Protect your customers and your investment by filling your potholes now. If you have a pothole or crack on your lot that requires professional repair, contact Asphalt Pavement Solutions to schedule large parking lot pothole repairs in or around Burlington County before the problem gets worse.

Asphalt Pavement Solutions is a full-service asphalt management and repair service with over 35 years’ experience serving the communities of New Jersey. We use unique, top-of-the-line infrared technology to fill potholes on your lot while also seamlessly blending with existing asphalt. If you have a pothole or crack in a large parking lot, and you need pothole repairs in Camden County and the surrounding region, don’t wait — contact us today to get your free quote. 

Make Sure to Get Those Potholes Fixed for Winter

You may have noticed potholes popping up in your parking lot on your property. While potholes are anything but convenient, we’re here to let you know why you should call Asphalt Pavement Solutions to come out and fix them before the bitter cold months hit. Continue reading for some quick background on how moisture can cause damage to your lot and how our solutions can help. Read More→

Business Owners, Fall Is the Season for Commercial Asphalt Repair!

Now that summer is behind us, and the region is beginning to prepare for the winter ahead, asphalt maintenance companies in Camden County and the surrounding areas are beginning to schedule commercial asphalt repairs before the harsh winter weather arrives. For property owners across the Northeast, winter weather can cause a variety of problems. When it comes to your asphalt parking lots, the wet, freezing weather can lead to significant lot damage.

Asphalt Pavement Solutions is the leading asphalt maintenance company for Burlington County and the entire Philadelphia region. Give us a call today to schedule your fall asphalt maintenance and keep your lot protected from the damaging winter weather.

Before Winter Arrives Call The Asphalt Sealcoating Experts

Soon, the temperatures will drop too low for property owners near Burlington and Camden County to arrange for asphalt sealcoating. If they get this essential service done in the fall, however, then they will enjoy stronger, smoother, and more beautiful surfaces all season long. Read More→

Get Your Sealcoating Done Faster this Fall with Asphalt Paving Solutions

As fall approaches, asphalt sealcoating companies in Mercer County and throughout the Northeast begin to fill up with appointments as businesses rush to repair and protect their parking lots before the winter hits. Many of these companies are not prepared for the heavy workload, which can leave you with delayed appointments and rushed service. Read More→

Parking Lot Safety Suggestions

Parking Lot Safety Suggestions, seal coating, sealcoating, asphalt companyPerhaps you are someone who takes safety very seriously. You wear your seat belt, make sure that all of your vehicle’s lights are operational and obey the traffic laws. When walking, you cross only at intersections, wait for the “Walk” light and look both ways before you step off the curb. Unfortunately, however, some people forget to be safety conscious when they are driving or walking through a parking lot. These lapses tend to become more frequent when it is raining or snowing and during the holidays when parking lots are more crowded. If you follow these Parking Lot Safety Suggestions, you can reduce your risks.

Parking Lot Safety Suggestions – Concentrate on Your Driving

Stay just as vigilant when driving through a parking lot as you are when driving on the freeway. Let phone calls and texts wait until you are safely parked. Watch for signs that a car is backing up, obey traffic signs or pavement markings, avoid crowding pedestrians and always be prepared to stop quickly.

Pedestrians Need Situational Awareness Also

When you are walking between your vehicle and the building, remain aware of your surroundings. Watch for cars that are backing or turning as well as drivers who are speeding or traveling in the wrong direction. Listen for engine or tire sounds that warn you that a car is nearby. Another tip for Parking Lot Safety Suggestions is to carry an umbrella or large packages, make sure that they do not obscure your vision. Never assume that a driver can see you, and never assume that a driver will stop to allow you to cross.

Avoid Restricted Areas

Passenger cars and pedestrians should avoid loading docks and other restricted areas, especially if large trucks or heavy equipment operate in the area since their drivers may not see you. If an asphalt contractor has a crew working in the parking lot, stay out of the area; do not drive around or through barricades or walk between traffic cones.

From All of Us at Asphalt Pavement Solutions

We want to wish you joy this holiday season and express our appreciation for the many wonderful customers we have been honored to serve in 2016. We know that many of you rely on us for exceptional work at competitive prices, and we look forward to continuing to provide you with your asphalt paving, seal coating, pavement marking and asphalt repairs in 2017. We also look forward to working with new customers who have not yet experienced the workmanship and customer service that are the foundation of our company. If you would like to receive a free estimate, just submit the online form or call us at either (800) 559-SEAL or (856) 461-1710.

APS is a sealcoating and asphalt paving company that has been in business since 1983.

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Winter Weather Can Affect Your Asphalt Pavement

Winter Weather Can Affect Your Asphalt Pavement, asphalt contractors, parking lot over the winter, contact Asphalt Pavement Solutions, asphalt pavementFor many people, winter is the most delightful season of all. For your asphalt parking lot, however, winter can be the cruelest season that it will face. It is not at all uncommon for property owners to be shocked by the amount of damage that their parking lots incurred between autumn and spring. Understanding how winter weather can affect your asphalt pavement can help you minimize winter’s impact.

How Winter Weather Can Affect Your Asphalt Pavement – The Elements

Freezing Temperatures

One of the worst things for your asphalt pavement is the repeated cycles of freezing and thawing that can occur during the winter. Asphalt contracts and expands as temperatures fluctuate, and as long as no water penetration occurs, your pavement should survive the winter in good shape. However, if there are cracks in the pavement, water penetration can occur. When the water freezes, it expands, exerting upward pressure on the pavement and eroding the base supporting the pavement. When a thaw occurs, an empty space may be left between the pavement and its base, allowing the pavement to sag, and the flowing water can damage the base even more.

• Results: Larger cracks, potholes, depressions in the pavement, alligator cracking
• Prevention: Have all pavement breaks professionally repaired before the first freeze


Experienced snowplow operators can clear your parking lot without causing any damage. Inexperienced ones, however, can set the blade too low, resulting in gouges in the pavement.

• Results: In addition to marring the pavement’s appearance, tearing out chunks of asphalt can give water another way to penetrate beneath the pavement
• Prevention: Hire a professional who has experience with the machine that will be used to clear your parking lot

Chemicals Used to Melt Ice

Chemical deicers and salt can take a heavy toll on asphalt that is already beginning to deteriorate as well as asphalt pavement that is not protected by sealcoating. Traditional rock salt usually will not be effective at temperatures below 15 degrees, increasing the chances of water penetration when the melted ice refreezes and thaws again.

• Results: Larger cracks, potential alligator cracking, potholes
• Prevention: If you must use a deicing chemical, consider choosing calcium magnesium acetate, calcium chloride or magnesium chloride. If possible, use sand instead.

If your asphalt parking lot is in good condition going into winter, you are unlikely to face any serious issues next spring. However, if your parking lot is riddled with potholes and open cracks, you could end up with a major repair bill.

To learn more about how to minimize the potential for damages to your parking lot over the winter, contact Asphalt Pavement Solutions. Since 1983, we have been providing asphalt maintenance services to customers throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware. Our services include sealcoating, asphalt repair, asphalt paving, parking lot markings, bollards, car stops and inlet repair. We are asphalt contractors that delivers high-quality work at competitive rates. To receive a free estimate, submit the convenient online form or call us at 1-800-559-SEAL or 1-856-461-1710.

How Sealcoating Can Enhance Curb Appeal

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