How Sealcoating Can Enhance Curb Appeal

How Sealcoating Can Enhance Curb Appeal

How Sealcoating Can Enhance Curb Appeal A property’s curb appeal is how attractive the exterior looks when people approach it or drive by it. The term is often used in conjunction with residential properties, but retail businesses need curb appeal as well. An attractive, well-maintained parking lot is a major part of creating the curb appeal that can do so much to enhance the impression that customers have of a retail business.

How Sealcoating Can Enhance Curb Appeal – Here is Why!

When customers see a parking lot with faded asphalt, worn pavement markings, potholes and cracks, they have a tendency to think that the interior of the store will also be in poor repair. In turn, they may consider the goods sold to be inferior, or they may be extremely critical of the merchandise, staff or management. They may also be more likely to drive on and visit a competitor’s store.

In today’s competitive economy, retailers cannot afford to be “penny wise and pound foolish” when it comes to maintaining their parking lots. A parking lot represents a significant investment in a capital asset, but some retailers fail to realize that without proper maintenance, they will need to repave it long before its full life has been achieved. The good news is that the very things that need to be done to protect an asphalt parking lot are the same things that will enhance its curb appeal.

Asphalt sealcoating is one of the best ways to protect asphalt pavement as well as to make it more attractive. Sealants give the pavement a darker, smoother appearance while protecting the asphalt from the harmful effects of automotive fluids and other chemicals.
• Having small cracks filled as soon as they appear can prevent larger, uglier cracks from forming. It also prevents water from seeping beneath the pavement and eroding the foundation, which can result in extensive damage that can be costly to repair.
• Pavement markings make parking lots safer for drivers as well as pedestrians. Fresh line striping helps drivers determine the precise definition of each parking space. Pavement markings (such as traffic arrows) help drivers navigate the lot safely, while clearly defined crosswalks make the area safer for pedestrians.

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