Asphalt Pavement Solutions is a fully insured company. In hiring a contractor to work on your property it is essential for you to know that the contractor is fully insured. An updated and current certificate of liability should be requested for each and every project.

Unfortunately, in this day and age, some try to cut corners and having no insurance or not nearly enough coverage is one way in which they do it. This puts your location and everyone on it at risk if something should happen.

The bid process is also affected by contractors not carrying insurance. If one contractor pays 40k per year for full coverage and the other contractor pays zero, you can surely understand why his bid is “so cheap”. That “cheap” bid can turn real expensive in a hurry with one claim!

Asphalt Pavement Solutions has full insurance coverage through Farm Family Casualty Insurance Co. We are more than happy to supply you with a current certificate of insurance for each & every project.

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