Parking Lot Safety Suggestions

Parking Lot Safety Suggestions

Parking Lot Safety Suggestions, seal coating, sealcoating, asphalt companyPerhaps you are someone who takes safety very seriously. You wear your seat belt, make sure that all of your vehicle’s lights are operational and obey the traffic laws. When walking, you cross only at intersections, wait for the “Walk” light and look both ways before you step off the curb. Unfortunately, however, some people forget to be safety conscious when they are driving or walking through a parking lot. These lapses tend to become more frequent when it is raining or snowing and during the holidays when parking lots are more crowded. If you follow these Parking Lot Safety Suggestions, you can reduce your risks.

Parking Lot Safety Suggestions – Concentrate on Your Driving

Stay just as vigilant when driving through a parking lot as you are when driving on the freeway. Let phone calls and texts wait until you are safely parked. Watch for signs that a car is backing up, obey traffic signs or pavement markings, avoid crowding pedestrians and always be prepared to stop quickly.

Pedestrians Need Situational Awareness Also

When you are walking between your vehicle and the building, remain aware of your surroundings. Watch for cars that are backing or turning as well as drivers who are speeding or traveling in the wrong direction. Listen for engine or tire sounds that warn you that a car is nearby. Another tip for Parking Lot Safety Suggestions is to carry an umbrella or large packages, make sure that they do not obscure your vision. Never assume that a driver can see you, and never assume that a driver will stop to allow you to cross.

Avoid Restricted Areas

Passenger cars and pedestrians should avoid loading docks and other restricted areas, especially if large trucks or heavy equipment operate in the area since their drivers may not see you. If an asphalt contractor has a crew working in the parking lot, stay out of the area; do not drive around or through barricades or walk between traffic cones.

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