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Asphalt Pavement Solutions is proud to provide and install all necessary traffic signs for parking lots and roadways to businesses and properties in the and Camden areas and throughout New Jersey and Delaware.

We serve an area wide enough to cover the following counties:

  • Burlington
  • Camden
  • Mercer
  • Monmouth

In order to eliminate the risk of accidents for both vehicles and pedestrians, and to maintain a well-organized parking lot, parking lot sign installation is a necessary addition to any parking lot.

Parking lot signs installation provides you with the means to regulate traffic activity in your parking facilities. APS carries products such as “No Trucks Allowed,” “Buses Only,” and “Do Not Enter” signs, which feature highly-visible material and fonts. This allows motorists to clearly see these signs, even when the parking lot is crowded or the lighting is dim.

We can make any sign needed to suit your needs. All of our signs are engineer grade reflective street signs. Signs are eight-hundredths (.08) of an inch thick, with reflective sheeting applied over the surface. Other specifications are available, depending on your needs. The post can be green U-channel or galvanized, and round posts are also available.

More Services for Your Parking Lot

Although all parking lots serve the same purpose, the exact needs of each one vary. Besides parking lot signs installation, here are some more ways we make parking lots look and function better:

Parking Bollards Installation

Concrete bollards can enhance the safety and appearance of a parking lot. They can help to prevent speeding and keep the flow of traffic under control. Bollards also help protect pedestrians from being hit by vehicles in commercial settings.

Aside from these safety advantages, parking bollards are also an eye-pleasing accessory to any parking lot. By complementing the other aspects of a property’s architecture, they enhance the appearance of the designs of buildings and properties.

Parking Lot Striping

A parking lot or pavement is ugly, dangerous, and in some cases, illegal without clearly labeled areas. With our parking lot striping and pavement marking, your property will comply with city and state regulations while making it more driver-friendly and improving its appearance. One way we achieve this is by using airless sprayers for lines that are sharper than other application methods.

These effects will make your business more attractive to potential customers and create a positive first impression for first-time visitors.

We stripe:

  • Parking spaces
  • Handicap spaces
  • Fire lanes

We’re experts on every stage of the process, from designing to letting the paint dry. And speaking of drying, our paint dries and hardens faster than the paints available from most other striping companies, and is also more durable.

A Parking Lot from New Jersey’s Experts

As you can see, parking lot sign installation is just one of several ways Asphalt Pavement Solutions can make your parking lot safer and more visually attractive to your customers. If you have a property in Burlington, Camden, Mercer, or Monmouth County, chances are the parking lot could use some kind of repair of beautification. Whatever that might be, you can count on Asphalt Pavement Solutions for a job well done, so contact us today.

Traffic Signs Philadelphia and CamdenTraffic Signs Philadelphia and CamdenTraffic Signs Philadelphia and CamdenTraffic Signs Philadelphia and CamdenTraffic Signs Philadelphia and CamdenTraffic Signs Philadelphia and CamdenTraffic Signs Philadelphia and CamdenTraffic Signs Philadelphia and Camden


Just a few signs that are seen in almost every parking lot!

Asphalt Pavement Solutions installs and distributes all types of traffic signs. Contact us to inquire about our traffic signs today.
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