Asphalt Repair Project in Lawrence Twp NJ

Asphalt Repair Project in Lawrence Twp NJ

As the top parking lot maintenance and asphalt repair contractor in Lawrence Township, NJ, Asphalt Pavement Solutions was recently contracted to help with a project for a local apartment complex.

The parking lot in the complex was aging and had some significant water issues beneath the surface as there were a few areas where water was seeping up through the asphalt. The property owner knew the parking lot needed help but was hoping to avoid a costly major asphalt project for the time being. She received a mailer from us a few years ago and had us work for him then so he called us to look at his parking lot for this project too.

We determined that the parking lot needed asphalt patching, crack sealing, sealcoating and line striping. She was told that our asphalt paving crew would be able to prevent having to have the entire lot replaced to get it by for a few years longer. She was happy to hear this and asked us to get his project moving as soon as we could, knowing that the pot holes and water issues posed liability issues for her property.

We crack sealed 30,111 LF and performed 900 SF of 4’ depth asphalt patching followed by 350,595 SQ of sealcoating. We then did line striping on 20,097 LF of the parking lot and added 382 Reserve Stencils and 382 number stalls to complete the project.

She said the parking lot looks wonderful and that our team was absolutely awesome. We look forward to working with her again in the future!

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