Make Sure to Get Those Potholes Fixed for Winter

Make Sure to Get Those Potholes Fixed for Winter

You may have noticed potholes popping up in your parking lot on your property. While potholes are anything but convenient, we’re here to let you know why you should call Asphalt Pavement Solutions to come out and fix them before the bitter cold months hit. Continue reading for some quick background on how moisture can cause damage to your lot and how our solutions can help.

How Potholes Form

The cause of potholes lies beneath the surface. Potholes are a result of water that has entered the ground expanding and contracting. If the water has a chance to freeze, it will take up more and more space beneath the pavement, causing it to expand, bend, and crack, weakening the pavement material. When the ice melts, the pavement contracts and leaves gaps in the surface, where water can get back in and get trapped. If water freezes and thaws repeatedly, the pavement will continue cracking, wreaking havoc on the structural integrity of the road or lot.

Cold Patches

A cold patch is a pre-prepared mix that comes ready to pour into a pothole. This mix merely provides a cushion for cars to avoid their tires dipping into or getting lodged into the hole. Cold patches don’t repair anything permanently.

Get Your Potholes Professionally Fixed Before Winter

When winter’s low temperatures and precipitation hit, the chance of potholes forming increases, and existing potholes are only made worse. While potholes are a significant inconvenience that poses a risk to both drivers and pedestrians, there are several ways we can properly repair your property to prevent potholes from getting especially bad in the middle of winter

Infrared Technology 

Our Infrared technology blends existing asphalt (heated up to and over 300 degrees) with added hot mix. The mixture is raked and compacted to create a seamless restoration. Infrared repairs can be used in various situations and have multiple advantages over the customary saw cut, remove, and replace method.

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While potholes are unwelcome all year round, they’re particularly problematic in the cold winter months. Contact Asphalt Pavement Solutions today for more information about how our asphalt patching, infrared technology, and crack repair can have your property looking like new!

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