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Asphalt Contractor in Cherry Hill NJ Completes Sealcoating, Crack Sealing & Line Striping at a Condominium Complex

The pavement pros at Asphalt Pavement Solutions have been providing top notch parking lot maintenance services to the Garden State for years, and we love to share our success stories. We have experience in all kinds of pavement work, but we especially love helping clients in towns like Cherry Hill, NJ in Camden County. Commercial property owners in the area can trust that we’ll upgrade their asphalt pavement without breaking the budget.

Recently, we worked with a condominium complex in Cherry Hill, NJ. One of our asphalt consultants worked closely with the property manager to find the solutions to rehabilitate their asphalt parking lot without inconveniencing residents. The existing parking lot was worn and had several cracks that would cause major deterioration if not fixed quickly. After the consultation, we agreed on crack sealing, sealcoating, and then parking lot restriping.

First we used only the highest quality professional crack fillers to fix the parking lot cracks. Next, we laid an asphalt sealcoating over the parking lot to seal smaller cracks, revitalize the asphalt, as well as protect against future wear. Then we painted the parking lines and numbers that would let residents safely drive and park.

Many commercial property managers worry about asphalt repairs interrupting their business, but we got everything done quickly. The condo complex was very organized in moving residents cars, so we were able to seal cracks, coat the parking lot, and restripe it all in the same day. The condominium owner and residents were happy with how it looked and how fast we got it done.

This kind of swift and thorough service is how Asphalt Pavement Solutions became the Cherry Hill, NJ area’s top asphalt contractors. If your local commercial parking lot needs repairs or rehabilitation, contact us right away.

Reduce the Risk of Facing a Lawsuit by Filling Your Large Parking Lot Potholes

Most people think about the danger to cars when driving through a pothole-filled parking lot. However, people can get just as hurt, if not more so, than a vehicle should they trip on a pothole. If someone falls on your property, they could come back and sue you for not taking care of it. That is a risk that can be reduced significantly by getting large parking lot pothole repairs in Camden County. Read More→

Make Sure to Get Those Potholes Fixed for Winter

You may have noticed potholes popping up in your parking lot on your property. While potholes are anything but convenient, we’re here to let you know why you should call Asphalt Pavement Solutions to come out and fix them before the bitter cold months hit. Continue reading for some quick background on how moisture can cause damage to your lot and how our solutions can help. Read More→

3 Tips to Prevent Litter in Your Parking Lot

Litter isn’t just bad for the environment—it can also create a safety hazard in your parking lot. Taking a few simple steps to prevent litter on your property can improve your customers’ perceptions of your business and better protect your space. Use these three simple tips to prevent litter in your parking lot this year. Read More→

Before Winter Arrives Call The Asphalt Sealcoating Experts

Soon, the temperatures will drop too low for property owners near Burlington and Camden County to arrange for asphalt sealcoating. If they get this essential service done in the fall, however, then they will enjoy stronger, smoother, and more beautiful surfaces all season long. Read More→

5 Quick Tips on Maintaining your Driveway in the Winter

5 Quick Tips on Maintaining your Driveway in the WinterMore than one homeowner has seen a driveway that appeared perfectly fine disappear under a blanket of ice and snow, emerging in the spring as a dull, cracked, shadow of its former self. Ideally, asphalt maintenance should be performed year-round, but there are certain steps that can be taken in winter to help prevent damage.

5 Quick Tips on Maintaining your Driveway in the Winter

• Avoid chemical deicing agents as well products containing rock salt. They may melt through the ice quickly, but their corrosive effects can damage asphalt. Opt for sand or kitty litter instead to improve traction and help expedite melting.
• Use a rubber-bladed snow shovel rather than a metal variety. Especially avoid metal shovels that have a pointed tip as they can damage your pavement.
• Whether you hire someone to plow your drive or do it yourself, make sure that the blade is set to the correct height. If it is too low, it can scrape the asphalt.
• Ensure that your driveway has proper drainage. It is often helpful to remove a two-inch strip of grass along the driveway’s perimeter to facilitate runoff.
• Keep gutter spouts pointed away from your driveway. If rain or melting snow is allowed to flow freely onto your driveway, it can freeze. This can pose a safety hazard, but it can also endanger your asphalt.

Maintaining your driveway throughout the year can help prevent damages caused by winter weather. Having crack repair as soon as you notice them, and at minimum, have any cracks professionally filled before winter arrives. Cracks allow water to pool beneath the pavement, and then when the water freezes, it can expand and cause additional cracking. Having your driveway sealed in the autumn is another way to protect your asphalt against winter weather.

Since 1983, Asphalt Pavement Solutions has been providing a wide range of asphalt services to customers throughout Delaware, Pennsylvania and New Jersey. We offer driveway repair and maintenance, asphalt sealcoating and paving services as well as parking lot services, such as striping, bollards and traffic sign installation. You can use our online form to request a free quote, or feel free to call us at 1.856.461.1710, 1.856.544.3990 or toll-free at 1.800.559.SEAL.

How long can you expect asphalt pavement to last?

sealcoating-process-edge-parking-lotAsphalt has been used for a variety of purposes for at least 2,500 years, but it was during the 18th century that it began to see widespread use as a paving material. The lifespan of asphalt pavement depends on a number of factors. The most critical element in extending the life of asphalt pavement is proper maintenance and upkeep. Properly maintained asphalt pavement should last between 20 and 30 years, or 25 years on average.

How Weather Effects The Longevity of Pavement

Climate plays an important part in the premature failing of asphalt pavement. In dry, hot areas, the pavement may become brittle. In humid, wet areas, moisture can accumulate beneath the pavement and weaken it. Water beneath the pavement, which can occur from leaking pipes or a rising water table, can weaken the pavement so much that it can no longer support traffic. Improper drainage of surface water, such as from heavy rains or runoff, can also cause the pavement to fail. Whether it is on the surface or below the pavement, water can freeze, expanding any cracks and contributing to premature failure.

How Neglect Effects The Longevity of Pavement

However, the most common reason for having to replace asphalt pavement prematurely is neglect. Filling and sealing cracks as they appear protects the pavement structure and base from water accumulating under the pavement. Repairing areas that are showing signs of fatigue prior to their failure can prevent more costly repairs later. Filling potholes while they are still small is another way of avoiding more expensive fixes.

Proper Care Maximizes Pavement Life

One of the best methods of protecting asphalt pavement is with asphalt sealcoating. Two coats are normally applied to protect asphalt from the damage that the sun, salt, oil, gas and water can cause. In addition, sealcoating gives the asphalt a deep, black finish that enhances its appearance. Learn more about our asphalt sealcoating service.

Asphalt rejuvenator enhances the look of pavement while protecting the asphalt. Rejuvenator replenishes the oils found in asphalt. As a result, the asphalt is more resilient and less prone to cracking. One application can last for three to five years, and in some instances, the pavement can last twice as long.

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