What Is The Benefit Of Additives In Asphalt Sealer

What Is The Benefit Of Additives In Asphalt Sealer

What Is The Benefit Of Additives In Asphalt Sealer

Seal coating additives are used to enhance the properties of the basic sealant formulation. Different additives offer different benefits, so depending on the job-related specifics, your contractor might use a single additive or a combination of additives. Some of the benefits of using additives are listed below.

What Is The Benefit Of Additives In Asphalt Sealer- What Does It Mean?

• Better distribution and retention of sand in the mix: Sealcoating contains silica sand, which (among other benefits) helps to improve traction and make the pavement less slippery. Sand has a tendency to try to “fall out” of a solution and settle at the lowest level. Furthermore, the pressures exerted by traffic can lead to additional displacement of sand. Additives can help keep the sand suspended during application to ensure an even distribution pattern as well as help keep sand “locked in” after the sealcoating cures.
• Accelerated curing time: Sealcoating must be allowed to cure before parking lot striping or an additional coat can be applied. This can be an issue during cold weather, on shaded areas or when work is done overnight. It can also be a problem for certain businesses, such as shopping malls, that need the area reopened to customers in the shortest possible time. Additives can shorten the curing time substantially. It may be possible to reopen the area within just a few hours, and contractors may be able to continue work in as little as 30 minutes or so.
• Enhanced performance: Certain additives can help your sealcoating last longer and/or enhance the appearance of your pavement. There are additives that will yield a darker appearance, make sealant more resistant to chemical spills or provide additional protection against marks caused by power steering, sharp turns or hard braking.

Asphalt professionals evaluate the weather conditions, the customer’s most pressing needs and the use to which the pavement will be subjected to decide which additives are most beneficial. Some of the issues that will go into the decision include:

• Time in which all work must be performed and the area reopened.
• The time of day during which the work will be done.
• Ambient and ground temperatures.
• Amount of the area that receives shade.
• Relative humidity at time of application
• The compatibility of certain additives with specific brands of sealants

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