Sand, Safety, and Sealcoating

Sand, Safety, and Sealcoating

Sand, Safety, and Sealcoating, APS, sealcoating, asphalt sealcoating, Delanco, NJ,Reputable sealcoating contractors following the manufacturer’s recommendations for mixing sealants. All manufacturers provide precise recipes that detail the amount of water that should be added, and the instructions also advise that silica sand should be added as well. Sand is needed even if special additives are included in the mix, such as additives to make the sealant dry faster or to make the surface more resistant to scuff marks.

Sand, Safety, and Sealcoating

Why Silica Sand Is Needed

Sand in the mix makes sealcoating last longer, and without it, you could find yourself needing to sealcoat your pavement every few months. Sealcoating that contains silica sand will do a better job of filling in hairline cracks or other minor defects, so your pavement will look better.

However, the most critical reason to add sand is that it makes the pavement safer. Sand provides additional traction for vehicles and pedestrians alike. A slippery pavement can increase your potential liability — pedestrians might slip and fall, or vehicles might skid out of control. Improved traction reduces your risks of lawsuits resulting from an injured pedestrian or a driver who damages his vehicle or those belonging to others. In addition to improving traction, silica sand reduces the glare that frequently occurs on a sunny day. Glare can make it difficult for drivers to see, and it can be uncomfortable for pedestrians as well.

Are Special Sands Required?

Manufacturers recommend silica sand for its purity. Furthermore, the sand must be sieved to ensure that the grains fall within specific size ranges. If the grains are too large, they will not knit into the sealer film and will probably be quickly dislodged by traffic. Once dislodged, they act like sandpaper on the sealant, reducing its life. If the grains are too small, they can soak up too much water, and this will also reduce the life expectancy of the cured sealant.

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