How Can I Protect My Pavement During The Winter?

How Can I Protect My Pavement During The Winter?

Although some types of maintenance become impossible during the winter months, you can still take action to minimize pavement damage. This will preserve your investment and reduce the risk that you’ll need major repairs in the spring. The best approach is to inspect your parking area regularly and fix any problems as quickly as possible.

It remains feasible to fill cracks and crevices at any time of year. These repairs prevent water from entering the pavement structure and causing serious harm. An asphalt maintenance company can also patch potholes in the winter. This stops the holes from expanding and becoming more costly to fix. It minimizes vehicle damage as well.

Cracks and holes need to be repaired more swiftly during the winter. When the sun melts ice and snow, water enters cracks in the pavement. Temperatures often fall below 32 F at night, causing this water to freeze. It expands inside the pavement and produces additional cracks. This also puts your parking lot at risk by weakening its base.

Pavement cracks inevitably appear as asphalt ages, but you can take steps to minimize them. Don’t apply excessive amounts of salt or plow your parking lot more than necessary. Avoid using studded tires or chains when the pavement is bare. You may also try to prevent damage by limiting the number of heavy vehicles that use your parking lot.

Preventive measures and minor repairs can reduce pavement decay, but asphalt rarely survives the winter without some deterioration. To improve your parking lot’s appearance and protect it from further damage, consider sealing your pavement in the spring. Sealcoating services are usually available between late March and early November.

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It’s important to choose a dependable maintenance company that uses quality materials and effective repair techniques. APS fixes cracks, installs traffic signs and seals pavement throughout the mid-Atlantic region. For more information on winter asphalt maintenance, please call 800-559-7325 or use our free quote form.

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