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Asphalt Contractor in Cherry Hill NJ Completes Sealcoating, Crack Sealing & Line Striping at a Condominium Complex

The pavement pros at Asphalt Pavement Solutions have been providing top notch parking lot maintenance services to the Garden State for years, and we love to share our success stories. We have experience in all kinds of pavement work, but we especially love helping clients in towns like Cherry Hill, NJ in Camden County. Commercial property owners in the area can trust that we’ll upgrade their asphalt pavement without breaking the budget.

Recently, we worked with a condominium complex in Cherry Hill, NJ. One of our asphalt consultants worked closely with the property manager to find the solutions to rehabilitate their asphalt parking lot without inconveniencing residents. The existing parking lot was worn and had several cracks that would cause major deterioration if not fixed quickly. After the consultation, we agreed on crack sealing, sealcoating, and then parking lot restriping.

First we used only the highest quality professional crack fillers to fix the parking lot cracks. Next, we laid an asphalt sealcoating over the parking lot to seal smaller cracks, revitalize the asphalt, as well as protect against future wear. Then we painted the parking lines and numbers that would let residents safely drive and park.

Many commercial property managers worry about asphalt repairs interrupting their business, but we got everything done quickly. The condo complex was very organized in moving residents cars, so we were able to seal cracks, coat the parking lot, and restripe it all in the same day. The condominium owner and residents were happy with how it looked and how fast we got it done.

This kind of swift and thorough service is how Asphalt Pavement Solutions became the Cherry Hill, NJ area’s top asphalt contractors. If your local commercial parking lot needs repairs or rehabilitation, contact us right away.

Asphalt Company in Voorhees NJ completes Parking Lot Maintenance Project

The pavement maintenance experts at Asphalt Pavement Solutions recently completed a parking lot maintenance project for a commercial client in Voorhees, NJ (located in Camden County).

The building owner had recently had the building renovated and wanted to have the parking lot repaired as well. His general contractor, who we have worked for many times, knew we could be trusted with his parking lot needs so he gave us a call. He asked us to come by and assess what needs done as soon as possible but he also needed the project done rather quickly because he needed to get his Certificate of Occupancy on that Monday.

We determined that the lot needed to be repaired and sealed with line striping. Some areas on the lot were patched and crack sealed. We ended up sealcoating a total of 30,000 square feet and crack sealing 2000 linear feet. We did 350 square feet of asphalt patching and created 50 stalls of line striping with stencils.

We squeezed his job in over the weekend to met his deadline and got it done. The contractor and customer were both very pleased. The customer commented that the parking lot “looks great” while we were on the job.

Wave Goodbye to the Bumpy Ride: Why You Should Include Pavement Repair in Your Business’s Spring-Cleaning Checklist

Spring in the tri-state area means longer days, baseball, blooming bulbs…and, of course, potholes.

Potholes are a result of the same science that makes a soda can explode in the freezer — the expansion and contraction of water. Expansion bends and weakens the asphalt, and contraction leaves gaps behind where the pavement collapses and creates a sizable hole. This process is why potholes pop up in spring as the ground thaws.

If you require the skills and resources of a commercial pavement contractor, our team can conduct large parking lot pothole repairs near Burlington County. Below are a few reasons why you should prioritize this task for your business, facility, or commercial property as we head into the warm weather. Read More→

Business Owners, Fall Is the Season for Commercial Asphalt Repair!

Now that summer is behind us, and the region is beginning to prepare for the winter ahead, asphalt maintenance companies in Camden County and the surrounding areas are beginning to schedule commercial asphalt repairs before the harsh winter weather arrives. For property owners across the Northeast, winter weather can cause a variety of problems. When it comes to your asphalt parking lots, the wet, freezing weather can lead to significant lot damage.

Asphalt Pavement Solutions is the leading asphalt maintenance company for Burlington County and the entire Philadelphia region. Give us a call today to schedule your fall asphalt maintenance and keep your lot protected from the damaging winter weather.

Crack Repair Is Vital for Asphalt Maintenance

Crack Repair Is Vital for Asphalt Maintenance, crack repair, asphalt crack repair, Delanco, NJ , Asphalt Pavement Solutions, Inc.Many people believe that autumn is the best season of the year. The leaves are turning beautiful shades of orange and red, temperatures are neither too hot nor too cold and the slight nip in the morning air serves as a reminder that the year is quickly drawing to a close. Soon, however, autumn will yield to winter. If your asphalt pavement is not ready for the snow and ice that winter will bring, you could find yourself facing a substantial asphalt crack repair bill when spring arrives.

Crack Repair Is Vital for Asphalt Maintenance -Prepare for Winter

If you do nothing else this fall, you should have all cracks in your asphalt pavement repaired. Cracks will worsen over the winter due to the freeze/thaw cycle. In addition, water will leak through the cracks and weaken the foundation. If the foundation suffers, the condition of your pavement will suffer. Depressions can form, the pavement may develop alligator cracking and potholes will be more plentiful. Furthermore, cracks increase the likelihood that the blade of a snowplow could catch on the edges of the crack and tear out a significant chunk of your pavement.

Crack Repair Is Fast and Economical

When you have an asphalt professional repair the cracks in your pavement, you will encounter minimal disruption as the process is quite fast, and the area can often be opened to traffic immediately. Compared to the cost of resurfacing your pavement, crack filling is also extremely economical. However, you should ensure that your contractor has the expertise to repair the cracks correctly. There are a variety of filler materials that can be used to repair cracks in asphalt pavement, but not every type of material is ideal for all types of cracks or all types of pavement. For example, parking lots and pedestrian areas may require a different filler material than the type that is used to repair cracks on a busy interstate.

Save Your Asphalt Pavement — Call Asphalt Pavement Solutions

If you need a reputable, qualified asphalt contractor, contact the experts at Asphalt Pavement Solutions. Since the company was founded in 1983, our mission has been to provide quality results at reasonable rates. We offer an extensive range of services to customers in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware, including asphalt paving and repairs, sealcoating, pavement markings, bollards and car stops. You can submit our convenient online form to request a free estimate. If you prefer, you can call us at 1-856-461-1710 or toll-free at 1-800-559-SEAL.

See Recent “Crack Repair” Work Below!

How long can you expect asphalt pavement to last?

sealcoating-process-edge-parking-lotAsphalt has been used for a variety of purposes for at least 2,500 years, but it was during the 18th century that it began to see widespread use as a paving material. The lifespan of asphalt pavement depends on a number of factors. The most critical element in extending the life of asphalt pavement is proper maintenance and upkeep. Properly maintained asphalt pavement should last between 20 and 30 years, or 25 years on average.

How Weather Effects The Longevity of Pavement

Climate plays an important part in the premature failing of asphalt pavement. In dry, hot areas, the pavement may become brittle. In humid, wet areas, moisture can accumulate beneath the pavement and weaken it. Water beneath the pavement, which can occur from leaking pipes or a rising water table, can weaken the pavement so much that it can no longer support traffic. Improper drainage of surface water, such as from heavy rains or runoff, can also cause the pavement to fail. Whether it is on the surface or below the pavement, water can freeze, expanding any cracks and contributing to premature failure.

How Neglect Effects The Longevity of Pavement

However, the most common reason for having to replace asphalt pavement prematurely is neglect. Filling and sealing cracks as they appear protects the pavement structure and base from water accumulating under the pavement. Repairing areas that are showing signs of fatigue prior to their failure can prevent more costly repairs later. Filling potholes while they are still small is another way of avoiding more expensive fixes.

Proper Care Maximizes Pavement Life

One of the best methods of protecting asphalt pavement is with asphalt sealcoating. Two coats are normally applied to protect asphalt from the damage that the sun, salt, oil, gas and water can cause. In addition, sealcoating gives the asphalt a deep, black finish that enhances its appearance. Learn more about our asphalt sealcoating service.

Asphalt rejuvenator enhances the look of pavement while protecting the asphalt. Rejuvenator replenishes the oils found in asphalt. As a result, the asphalt is more resilient and less prone to cracking. One application can last for three to five years, and in some instances, the pavement can last twice as long.

Contact Asphalt Pavement Solutions at 800-559-SEAL or fill out the Free Job Quote form to get started.   We specialize in asphalt sealcoating in Philadelphia, throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware!


How Can I Protect My Pavement During The Winter?

Although some types of maintenance become impossible during the winter months, you can still take action to minimize pavement damage. This will preserve your investment and reduce the risk that you’ll need major repairs in the spring. The best approach is to inspect your parking area regularly and fix any problems as quickly as possible.

It remains feasible to fill cracks and crevices at any time of year. These repairs prevent water from entering the pavement structure and causing serious harm. An asphalt maintenance company can also patch potholes in the winter. This stops the holes from expanding and becoming more costly to fix. It minimizes vehicle damage as well.

Cracks and holes need to be repaired more swiftly during the winter. When the sun melts ice and snow, water enters cracks in the pavement. Temperatures often fall below 32 F at night, causing this water to freeze. It expands inside the pavement and produces additional cracks. This also puts your parking lot at risk by weakening its base.

Pavement cracks inevitably appear as asphalt ages, but you can take steps to minimize them. Don’t apply excessive amounts of salt or plow your parking lot more than necessary. Avoid using studded tires or chains when the pavement is bare. You may also try to prevent damage by limiting the number of heavy vehicles that use your parking lot.

Preventive measures and minor repairs can reduce pavement decay, but asphalt rarely survives the winter without some deterioration. To improve your parking lot’s appearance and protect it from further damage, consider sealing your pavement in the spring. Sealcoating services are usually available between late March and early November.

Learn more about asphalt crack repair.

It’s important to choose a dependable maintenance company that uses quality materials and effective repair techniques. APS fixes cracks, installs traffic signs and seals pavement throughout the mid-Atlantic region. For more information on winter asphalt maintenance, please call 800-559-7325 or use our free quote form.

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