Maintain Your Asphalt to Protect Yourself Against Legal Action

Maintain Your Asphalt to Protect Yourself Against Legal Action

by John Verzi

Keeping your parking lot or other large area of asphalt free of holes and cracks is more than just a good investment to extend the life of your pavement by a decade or more. It might be the difference between having a worry-free zone of asphalt or one where pedestrians can easily trip and fall. That’s why you need the best paving contractor in the Philadelphia and Camden areas to maintain your lot.

Don’t Be an Open Door to Legal Action

If your pavement ever suffers neglect and begins to develop holes, rough edges, cracks and other hazards, the chances of a pedestrian tripping and falling can skyrocket. Not all of those pedestrians who trip will assume that their fall was their fault. Some will know that they can find legal grounds for a lawsuit in an area called “premises liability.” The next thing you know, you are in court and being ordered to pay for a massive compensation package.

You can avoid all of that by contacting the top paving contractor in the Philadelphia and Camden areas: Duraseal. We not only do asphalt paving and sealcoating, we also specialize in all types of asphalt repair, ensuring that your pavement stays smooth and free of potholes and rough edges.

We also will make sure that your parking lot complies with the American with Disabilities Act, another area in which you could face legal action if you are not careful.

Your Paving Contractor of Choice in the Philadelphia and Camden area

Keep your pavement in top working order and say good-bye to the stress that comes with a parking lot that has not been well-kept. No pedestrian should have any opportunity to trip in your lot; in the same way no vehicle should ever be in danger of popping a tire or wrecking a suspension either.

Let the best Asphalt Company in Philadelphia and Camden areas pave and maintain your lot and keep you out of court and in your office, where you should be. Contact us here or call 1.800.559.Seal (7325)  to handle all of your asphalt needs in Philadelphia and Camden.

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