Parking Lot Maintenance Can Save You Money

Parking Lot Maintenance Can Save You Money

Parking Lot Maintenance Can Save You MoneyAn asphalt parking lot should last for many years and remain attractive throughout its life. However, getting the most out of your investment requires maintaining your lot properly. Here are some tips to help you do just that.

Parking Lot Maintenance Can Save You Money – An Example

1. Having your parking lot professionally sealcoated whenever it needs it is one of the most economical maintenance procedures you can perform as well as one of the most important. Sealcoating improves the appearance of your asphalt, but it also helps protect it against the damages caused by UV rays, oil leaks and chemical deicers. New pavement should be sealcoated within its first year, and sealcoating will need to be applied periodically. Depending on usage, sealcoating will typically last about two years, but you may need to have it applied more or less frequently.
2. Water can be your pavement’s enemy. Your pavement needs a stable, strong foundation for support. If water reaches your foundation, it can erode it. To prevent this, have cracks or potholes repaired quickly, clean out your drainage basins regularly to avoid back-up and keep your lot free from leaves or other debris. Try to keep snow and ice from remaining on your pavement for an excessive amount of time.
3. Be kind to your pavement. If you use a snowplow, make sure the blade is set to the proper height to avoid gouging the pavement. Do not allow heavier vehicles on your pavement than it was designed to bear. Avoid leaving heavy loads parked in the same location for an extended period, especially during hot weather.
4. Do not allow grass or weeds to grow in even the smallest cracks. Plant roots can worsen cracks and allow water to penetrate. Kill the growth and have the crack repaired.
5. Keep your pavement markings fresh. Line striping, traffic markings, pedestrian crossings and other pavement markings make your area safer and more attractive.

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