Concrete or Asphalt: Which is Better?

Concrete or Asphalt: Which is Better?

parking-lot-sealcoating-300x236Whether you are purchasing a new driveway, parking lot, or another paved surface, you must evaluate which paving material you want. The cost, appearance, durability, and timeframe it takes to install or repair the paving will influence your decision. Asphalt and concrete are the most commonly used paving materials, but knowing the differences are essential when choosing between them.


The price is usually a top concern when you are contracting an improvement to a building’s exterior. Asphalt is a cheaper paving material than concrete and is less labor intensive to repair. Thus, it is the most popular choice for many large paving projects.

Appearance and Durability

New asphalt appears shiny and dark, and concrete is light. Dark colors can melt snow faster than light ones. Concrete is prone to crack from soil changes underneath it or cold weather. Concrete is very rigid when it dries, and asphalt has the ability to stretch. Thus, when the ground shifts, asphalt can conform to the change.


Whenever you contract new paving or repairs, the work often inconveniences people who use the area. Therefore, the ability to complete paving quickly is advantageous. Asphalt is ready to apply quicker than concrete because it takes less time to cure.

Environmental Concerns

Many paving customers are also concerned about the environment. Asphalt is the top recycled material in America. Additionally, since it dries fast, asphalt repairing and paving causes less congestion than concrete maintenance and paving.

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