Closing My Business Parking Lot For Sealcoating

Closing My Business Parking Lot For Sealcoating

Closing My Business Parking Lot For Sealcoating When a parking lot needs to be paved or sealcoated, contractors must close the area for a time while the work is being performed and for a certain period afterwards. Every job is unique, and every business can have different requirements. The following information, however, lists what you can expect when a business parking lot must be closed for paving or sealcoating.

Closing My Business Parking Lot For Sealcoating  – How Does This Work?

• Sealcoating must have time to dry thoroughly before the area is reopened to traffic. Pedestrians can be allowed on the sealcoated area within a few hours, but vehicular traffic should not be allowed until the following day.
• Pavement takes longer to cure than sealcoating. Expect to have the new pavement closed to both vehicles and pedestrians until the next day.
• On asphalt paving jobs, expect to have heavy equipment, such as asphalt trucks and rollers, operating in and around the work area. Therefore, the vicinity will likely be noisy.
• If you have an automatic sprinkler system that drains onto the asphalt, you will need to turn it off during the work and until the sealant or pavement has cured sufficiently to be reopened to traffic.
• If any portion of the work area is behind a fence with a locked gate, you will need to make arrangements for someone to be on hand to give the contractor’s crew access to the area.

Asphalt contractors know that businesses need their parking lots to be operational as quickly as possible. There are a number of things that your contractor might be able to do to minimize the disruption for you and your customers.

• Ask your contractor if it would be possible to have the work done during off-peak times, such as late at night or on days when your business is closed.
• If you have a large lot, your contractor may be able to divide it into sections, completing the work on one section before closing the next section.
• If you are having your parking lot sealcoated, ask your contractor if it would be possible to include additional latex modifiers to speed the drying time.

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