How do I choose a reputable contractor?

How do I choose a reputable contractor?

Finding a paving contractor you can trust is similar to finding a physician you can trust. You start by asking people you know if they can refer a reputable contractor. You then seek recommendations from professional associations or people involved in the construction industry. Finally, you review advertisements in the phone book or newspaper.

Armed with a list of candidates, your next step is to research each contractor’s reputation and standing. Call the Better Business Bureau, your state’s consumer protection agency, local watchdog groups and your state’s licensing board. Ask whether the contractor has a history of complaints, especially any that were not resolved.

The Internet can also be a source of information on contractors. There are a number of sites where users can post reviews about their experience with a business. Bear in mind, however, that people are more likely to vent about negative encounters than to rave about positive ones, so although you should take negative comments seriously, do not assume that if there are no reviews — positive or negative — it is a bad sign.

Use your own common sense when making your choice. For example, you know that a paving contractor cannot offer a firm price on a job if he has never even seen your property. You know that if he is not willing to place commitments in writing that you might have difficulty recouping your money if the job is not completed or is not up to par. You know that a contractor who tries to confuse you with double-speak is likely unscrupulous.

Asphalt  Pavement Solutions has been in business since 1983, so we are painfully aware that consumers have been preyed upon by disreputable contractors. When you deal with us, however, you are dealing with a company that prides itself in delivering quality work and superior service to our customers. We can help you with all of your asphalt and concrete needs by calling 800.559.SEAL or find our free quote.

In the Camden and Philadelphia area, we offer asphalt sealcoating, asphalt paving, asphalt repair, crack filling repair, and parking lot striping.


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