Should there be scuffs on the pavement after sealcoating?

Should there be scuffs on the pavement after sealcoating?

Scuffmarks on newly sealed asphalt are virtually inevitable. They are temporary, typically appearing within the first 30 days. Within two or three months, it will be next to impossible to find them on the sealcoating. Having some tire scuffing on a freshly sealed surface is not bad. It is proof that the sealant is flexible enough to protect the asphalt as it should.

Because many property owners choose to have their parking lots sealed for aesthetic reasons, it is understandable that they express concern over the scuffs. Understanding what causes scuffing can reduce anxiety over the appearance of the marks and aid in the prevention of severe scuffing.

Sealcoating needs sufficient time to cure before the area is opened to traffic. The longer that property owners can keep the area closed, the fewer the scuffs. This can also reduce the severity of any scuffs that cannot be avoided.

The most important factor contributing to tire scuffing is how drivers operate their vehicles on the newly sealed surface and the types of vehicles using the pavement. Sharp turns or turning the steering wheel while the vehicle is stationary are major causes of scuffing. Heavy vehicles and even lighter, long wheelbase types with power steering, such as SUVs, are among the leading causes of tire scuffs.

Certain tire styles are more likely to cause scuffmarks than others. Steel-belted radials generally cause more scuffs than traditional bias-ply types. Off-road styles usually have tread patterns that can leave significant scuffs. Patterns with coarse cleats and broad gaps between the treads allow the tires to grip pavement better, meaning they are also tend to scuff newly sealed asphalt.

Like asphalt, sealcoating needs to go through the seasons to achieve maximum strength. Once it has passed through both cold and hot weather, it becomes much more resistant to scuffing. Therefore, although there is little that can be done to prevent scuffing immediately after sealcoating has been applied, the early scuffs should disappear and new ones should be rare once the sealant has aged.

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