The Best Time Of The Year To Complete Patchwork

The Best Time Of The Year To Complete Patchwork

The Best Time Of The Year To Complete PatchworkProperly installed asphalt pavement can last up to 25 or 30 years if it is professionally maintained — which includes having potholes and cracks patched as soon as possible. Asphalt pavement that does not receive repairs when they are needed will have a much shorter lifespan.

The Best Time Of The Year To Complete Patchwork

Most patches are installed during the spring and summer. Winter weather can be rough on damaged pavement, especially repeated freeze/thaw cycles. By having repairs performed early, the asphalt has time to cure properly before severe weather arrives. The patch also needs time to cure before a sealant is applied.

Why Repairs are Essential

Asphalt pavement must be both strong and resilient. It relies on its foundation for proper support. When water penetrates beneath the surface through a damaged area, the water will spread and eat away at the foundation. This causes further damage to the surface, including potholes and an extensive cracking pattern commonly called “alligatoring.” Alligatored asphalt cannot be patched, so repairs are more extensive.

Patch Types

Asphalt contractors typically choose between two patch methods: full-depth and surface. A full-depth patch involves the removal of the damaged area as well as (normally) a section of the sub-base. New materials are then inserted. Surface patches are not as durable, but they are less costly. However, surface patches cannot be applied if the surrounding asphalt is in poor condition. With a surface patch, existing material is not removed. Instead, new asphalt is spread over the damaged area and adjacent surface.

Arranging for Asphalt Repairs

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