Save Your Company Money With Periodic Sealcoating and Maintenance

Save Your Company Money With Periodic Sealcoating and Maintenance

Sealcoating is the most effective means of protecting and extending the life of your pavement before it will need to be repaved. It has been estimated that a company can save over $100,000 over a 15 year period by implementing a consistent sealcoating and pavement maintenance program (on a 30,000 square foot parking lot). Without proper maintenance even a perfectly paved parking lot will only last between 10 and 15 years. Property owners who do not invest in sealcoating will have to take on the cost of having the parking lot paved once deterioration causes potholes, cracks and other serious problems. The costs of paving the entire lot every 10 to 15 years is significantly greater than the cost of have it sealed every 3 to 5.

What Sealcoating Does To Protect Your Parking Lot

Sealer is an asphalt or coal tar emulsion blended with additives, water and sand to provide protection against the elements and regular wear. The blend is placed on top of the asphalt to create a barrier. Like with any sealant, asphalt sealer protects the pavement from the suns harmful UV rays that would dry it out and cause it to lose its flexibility. Once this occurs cracks begin to occur and allow water to wreak havoc on the pavement’s base layers. When this is allowed to happen, costly repairs are the only way to effectively restore your pavement investment.

Sealcoating To Save Money

Sealcoating can greatly extend the life of a paved parking lot – even as much as double. Sealer is most effective when it is applied every three to five years (depending on traffic and other factors), but the costs of ongoing maintenance are much less than the costs of replacing the asphalt. It is estimated that sealcoating cuts down on the cost of maintaining a parking lot by as much as 65 percent. Sealcoating even keeps a parking lot looking fresh to give customers a positive first impression.

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