Will Sealcoat Make The Pavement Slippery

Will Sealcoat Make The Pavement Slippery

Wet sealant can be quite slippery, but you should not allow pedestrians or vehicles on the pavement until the sealant has dried. Once it is dry, it should not be slippery — unless the contractor has failed to mix the sealant properly.

Will Sealcoat Make The Pavement Slippery – Safety Is Important!

Most contractors use a variety of sealants that must be mixed before application. Each manufacturer specifies how much water and how much silica sand needs to be added to make each type of sealant. The ratios of sealant mix, water, sand, and additives must be correct or the sealcoating can not only be slippery, but it can also fail very quickly.

The sand is a critical part of the sealant mix. It is what provides the additional traction needed to prevent a slick surface. If the mix contains excessive water, it cannot hold enough sand to prevent the surface from being slippery. The slickness will be even greater when it rains or when dew collects on the pavement. Business owners — and even homeowners — can be exposed to liability risks as a pedestrian could slip and fall or a car could skid and be involved in an accident.

If the pavement is on an incline, it is also possible for asphalt contractors to take additional steps to ensure good traction. A common practice when sealcoating steep pavements is to broadcast sand over the top of the just-applied sealant. However, this step is often unnecessary on pavement that is relatively flat, such as most parking lots.

In addition to improving traction, the sand that is mixed into the sealant offers other benefits. It extends the life of the sealant by increasing the percentage of solid material in the mix. It helps to reduce glare by giving the surface more of a matte finish. It can also help conceal minor scratches or other imperfections to improve the overall appearance of the pavement.

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