Why Safety Is Important When Hiring An Asphalt Contractor

Why Safety Is Important When Hiring An Asphalt Contractor

Why Safety Is Important When Hiring An Asphalt ContractorAlthough most people understand how important a safe environment is to employees, many do not understand how it benefits customers. However, when you examine the following facts, the explanation becomes much clearer.

Why Safety Is Important When Hiring An Asphalt Contractor – Examples

Safety Records can Affect Pricing

Asphalt contractors with good safety records can typically charge lower rates for the same services and product quality. Workplace accidents cost companies in various ways, including the cost of their insurance premiums. Liability and workers’ comp insurance underwriters base rates primarily on a company’s history of injuries suffered by employees, and when rates go up, the company must adjust pricing accordingly. A less obvious cost is incurred when an accident occurs. Work will often be delayed while the incident is investigated, and to make up for lost time, the company may be forced to pay overtime.

Productivity Tends to Increase

Employees who feel that a company is looking out for the safety of its workers tend to be happier with their jobs. They go the “extra step” for customers to ensure that the job is done correctly and finished on time. They take pride in the quality of their work.

Safety Awareness Transfers to Customers

Safety-conscious employees are far more likely to look out for a customer’s visitors or employees. An awareness of the hazards that are present on a worksite tends to instill a protective attitude that encompasses everyone who enters or attempts to enter the site.

Employee Retention Rates Improve

Employees are not as likely to leave an employer who cares about safety. This means that such companies tend to have workers who have more experience, which helps ensure that a quality job will result.

Asphalt Pavement Solutions, an asphalt company serving the Philadelphia and Camden areas, communicates the importance of following safety procedures to their employees.  APS also takes the time to educate employees about the chemicals they use and complies with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Additionally, managers listen to employees, so everyone can work together to reduce hazards.

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