How Many Coats Are Necessary When Sealcoating

How Many Coats Are Necessary When Sealcoating

In some cases, a residential driveway will only need one coat of sealant. However, if the asphalt sealcoating has never been sealed before, it may take a second coat to give it the rich, deep finish that most homeowners prefer. A second coat may also be indicated if there is some “unraveling” of the asphalt.

Commercial properties, such as apartment complexes or shopping malls, usually need two coats of sealant to protect the surface. In addition, a third “spot” coat may be needed for areas that see the most wear, such as around mailboxes or at entrance drives.

Whether a job requires one coat or two, there are three facts about asphalt sealers that need to be kept in mind. The first is that sealants are water-based, which means that they dry from the evaporation of the moisture contained in the sealer. Anything that prevents the water from evaporating can have a detrimental effect on the quality of the finished product. That is why the sealant must be completely dry before a second coat is applied or before striping can begin. Vehicles need to be kept away from the area until the sealant has dried thoroughly.

The second fact about sealers is that, while they can greatly enhance the appearance of an asphalt surface, they cannot compensate for a surface that is damaged by cracks or potholes. Such damages must be repaired prior to the sealcoating.

Finally, asphalt sealants must be applied in thin layers, even if this means applying more than one coat. A thick layer of sealant is similar to a thick layer of paint — it will not dry properly, the finish leaves much to be desired and the possibilities are excellent that flaking will occur.

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