What Can I Do About Potholes

What Can I Do About Potholes

What Can I Do About PotholesHaving your potholes repaired in a timely manner is important if you want to prevent more damage to your asphalt pavement. Different methods can be used for the repair — some of which are better than others.

What Can I Do About Potholes – Examples

• Throw and go/Throw and roll: These are both inexpensive quick fixes using cold-mix asphalt. The only difference is whether the filler is compacted (“rolled”) when applied or left for traffic to compact it. Cold-mix repairs are strictly temporary solutions to buy you a bit more time, but they are better than no repair at all.
• Bandage patch: Also known as a skin patch, this method uses hot-mix asphalt to form a “bandage” over the damaged area. It is not the most attractive repair, and although it will outlast the cold-mix versions, it is not a permanent repair.
• Infrared patch: Infrared heat can be used to warm an area of asphalt so it can be easily worked. Additional asphalt is added to make the repair and worked into the surrounding pavement. This is typically the most attractive type of repair, and it is also very long-lasting.
• Remove and replace: As the name implies, this involves removing the damaged asphalt and replacing it with new asphalt using techniques that are similar to a new installation, such as compacting. Since four to six inches of asphalt are typically removed, any issues with the underlying foundation can be addressed at the same time. Because this method requires the most equipment and labor, it is the most expensive — but it is also the most permanent method.

Consulting with a professional asphalt contractor is the best way to determine which method is most suitable for your needs. Contractors will evaluate things such as the current weather and the number of potholes that need to be protected. For example, if it is the rainy season and you have several potholes, it might be more advantageous to apply a quick fix to guard against further damage until conditions improve.

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