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Asphalt Contractor in Cherry Hill NJ Completes Sealcoating, Crack Sealing & Line Striping at a Condominium Complex

The pavement pros at Asphalt Pavement Solutions have been providing top notch parking lot maintenance services to the Garden State for years, and we love to share our success stories. We have experience in all kinds of pavement work, but we especially love helping clients in towns like Cherry Hill, NJ in Camden County. Commercial property owners in the area can trust that we’ll upgrade their asphalt pavement without breaking the budget.

Recently, we worked with a condominium complex in Cherry Hill, NJ. One of our asphalt consultants worked closely with the property manager to find the solutions to rehabilitate their asphalt parking lot without inconveniencing residents. The existing parking lot was worn and had several cracks that would cause major deterioration if not fixed quickly. After the consultation, we agreed on crack sealing, sealcoating, and then parking lot restriping.

First we used only the highest quality professional crack fillers to fix the parking lot cracks. Next, we laid an asphalt sealcoating over the parking lot to seal smaller cracks, revitalize the asphalt, as well as protect against future wear. Then we painted the parking lines and numbers that would let residents safely drive and park.

Many commercial property managers worry about asphalt repairs interrupting their business, but we got everything done quickly. The condo complex was very organized in moving residents cars, so we were able to seal cracks, coat the parking lot, and restripe it all in the same day. The condominium owner and residents were happy with how it looked and how fast we got it done.

This kind of swift and thorough service is how Asphalt Pavement Solutions became the Cherry Hill, NJ area’s top asphalt contractors. If your local commercial parking lot needs repairs or rehabilitation, contact us right away.

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