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For more than 30 years, Asphalt Pavement Solutions has excelled at providing a full range of asphalt repairs and maintenance to customers in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware. Our client base includes retail chains, shopping centers and malls, residential and commercial customer, and healthcare institutions. Asphalt Pavement Solutions is a business that has built its reputation on delivering work of the highest quality, meeting schedules and completing jobs within budget. We never employ sub-contractors — our experienced and highly skilled employees perform all work. For Sealcoating, Evesham, NJ, chose Asphalt Pavement Solutions!

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Sealcoating, Evesham, NJ – APS is the Asphalt Contractor of choice!

If you own or manage property in the Evesham, NJ, area, you know the toll that the local climate can take on your asphalt surface. Winters can be snowy, cold and long, while summers can be humid and hot. Asphalt requires a solid, stable foundation to retain its flexibility, so repeated freeze/thaw cycles that force the foundation to expand and contract can lead to cracks in the asphalt surface. If not repaired, water can penetrate beneath the surface, eroding the foundation and exacerbating freeze damage.

Asphalt Pavement Solutions has experience in providing asphalt maintenance in Evesham and similar states. We offer routine maintenance services, such as sealcoating, as well as a full range of asphalt repair service to Evesham customers. We are also experts in marking and striping parking lots to meet all local codes and make the areas compliant with ADA guidelines.

It is impossible to avoid the need for asphalt repair in Evesham, NJ. In many cases, a routine maintenance program can reduce the number or cost of repairs, however. At Asphalt Pavement Solutions, we would be happy to evaluate your asphalt needs and recommend a maintenance plan to help you protect your investment. Our goal is to help you extend the life of your asphalt surface by many years.

Whether you need major repairs or parking lot striping in Evesham, Asphalt Pavement Solutions is the company to call for expert asphalt services. Our toll-free phone number is 1.856.288.1656. You can also submit our online form to request a free quote. We look forward to providing you with the quality work and outstanding service that you need.

Crack Sealing


Harsh ultraviolet light from the sun will harden and dry out asphalt. This drying process actually reduces the thickness of the pavement through the loosening and raveling of aggregate. Erosion and raveling can lead to cracking and ultimately the need for major asphalt repairs. The freeze/thaw cycle, oil, gasoline, and road salts are all enemies of asphalt.  Learn more about our asphalt Sealcoating, Evesham, NJ.

Asphalt Repairs

When an area of your lot becomes defective, quickly addressing the situation can save thousands of dollars in repairs. Our experienced asphalt specialists will identify your unique needs, avoiding any “cookie-cutter” approach.  Finally, utilizing our complete, long-term maintenance plan can conceivably add a decade or more to the lifespan of your current parking lot.  Learn more about our asphalt repair service in Evesham, NJ.

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