Sealcoating, Burlington Twp, NJ

Parking Lot Striping July '16

Burlington Twp property owners must deal with a variety of weather conditions that can shorten the life of their asphalt surfaces. On average, Burlington Twp receives more than 25 inches of snow each winter, and temperatures routinely drop well below freezing overnight. Summer frequently brings high humidity, thunderstorms, and temperatures that can top 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Combined with the normal abuse that comes from traffic, the weather fluctuations make asphalt repairs in Burlington Twp inevitable. Sealcoating, Burlington Twp, NJ is the best way to help protect your investment!

Asphalt Contractor in Burlington Township providing paving services:

  • Parking lot sealcoating

  • Parking lot paving

  • Asphalt Repair

  • Line Striping

  • Catch basin repair

  • Pavement Maintenance

Sealcoating, Burlington Twp, NJ – APS Is The Asphalt Company to trust!

Asphalt Pavement Solutions has more than three decades of experience in the asphalt industry. Over the years, we have seen first-hand what weather and neglect can do to an asphalt surface. We strongly recommend asphalt maintenance programs in Burlington Twp and its surroundings.

Asphalt maintenance plans typically involve a three-pronged method of defense.

  • Periodic inspections and prompt repairs to fill cracks or repair potholes
  • Sealcoating to protect asphalt from chemicals, deicers and weather
  • Pavement striping and marking to make parking safer and easier for visitors

The professional crews at Asphalt Pavement Solutions are highly trained and extremely qualified. We have built our reputation on providing quality work, meeting work schedules and offering competitive pricing. Because we never “sub out” jobs, clients know that all work will be performed by our employees.

Our list of happy customers includes some of the nation’s retail chains, residential and commercial customers, university campuses and property managers. We would be delighted to add you to the many clients who have been more than pleased with the job performed by our crews. If you need repairs, maintenance or parking lot striping in Burlington Twp, call Asphalt Pavement Solutions on the number at the top of this page. You can also request a free quote online by completing the form found on our website.


Asphalt Pavement Solution also offers complete pavement maintenance services to protect and extend the life of your pavement, including:

  • Asphalt Sealcoating – Sealing your asphalt protects it from the effects of mother nature and harmful chemicals that leak from vehicles. By sealing your asphalt within the first year of its installation you can greatly extend — even double — its natural life cycle.  Learn more about asphalt sealcoating in Burlington Twp!
  • Asphalt Crack Repair – Cracks are the enemy of asphalt pavement. That’s because when cracks occur, water is able to penetrate beneath the surface and wreak havoc on its underlying structure. Protect your aging asphalt investment by sealing cracks whenever you see them.  Learn more about out asphalt crack service in Burlington Twp, NJ.
  • Asphalt Repair – Over time, asphalt starts to age and require higher levels of maintenance and repair than in the early years. By staying on top of defective areas in your pavement you can continue to put off a complete re-paving for many years, saving you thousands of dollars. We offer small pothole repair and more extensive patching and replacement. Learn more about our asphalt repair service in Burlington Twp.

We at APS welcome the chance to earn your business. If you are looking for Sealcoating, Burlington Twp, NJ, Asphalt Pavement Solutions is the most qualified to meet your needs.  Call us at 1-856-288-1656 or visit our website.

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