Sealcoating and Cost

Sealcoating and Cost

Sealcoating and CostIt is a scenario that happens frequently. A property manager asks for a quote on sealcoating a parking lot, or a homeowner’s association wants a quote for sealcoating a community street. The contractor goes to the site and offers a quote. At that point, it is not at all uncommon to have the customer complain that The Other Guy Sealcoating charged $X for a job of the same size. If The Other Guy’s price was higher, the customer may think that he overpaid on his last job. In reality, both contractors may be charging very reasonable prices, but the customer is comparing apples to oranges. There are just too many variables that have to be considered to determine the correct price for any sealcoating job.

Sealcoating and Cost – What’s Needed?

Does the Pavement Require Repairs?

You cannot apply sealcoating over pavement that has cracks, potholes or other damage. The contractor will have to repair the asphalt pavement, and those costs are in addition to the sealcoating. The more extensive or numerous the damages, the higher the price. Therefore, if a sealcoating job of a similar size was performed for less, the asphalt probably required fewer or less extensive repairs.

Is the Pavement Clean?

All sealcoating contractors expect to provide some cleaning before the sealant is applied. However, if several parking spaces are covered in 6 inches of dried mud, for example, or there are broken tree limbs littering the area, the cost of the job will be higher. The same is true if the contractor must pay his crew to remove oil stains or pools of automotive fluids.

What Will the Contractor Have to Pay for Mobilization?

Mobilization costs are the expenses that the contractor pays to have his crew, equipment and materials transported to the job. The closer the site is to the contractor’s base of operations, the lower his mobilization costs — unless the job cannot be completed in a single trip. Having to spread a sealcoating job over multiple days typically happens during the spring or autumn when days are shorter and multiple coats of sealant are required. It may also be a factor on a large job that must be worked in sections to prevent having to close the entire area to traffic at the same time.

For More Information

There are many other factors that can affect the price of a sealcoating job. The best way to get an accurate quote is to ask an experienced, reputable contractor to visit your site before estimating the cost. At Asphalt Pavement Solutions, we have been providing quality work to customers in New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware and Pennsylvania since 1983. In addition to sealcoating, we offer asphalt paving and repairs, parking lot striping and the installation of traffic signs, bollards and car stops. We can provide you with a free job quote if you will submit our online form or call our office at (856) 461-1710 or toll-free at (800) 559-SEAL.

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