Is Your Parking Lot Sound? Parking Lot Maintenance Check Up

Is Your Parking Lot Sound? Parking Lot Maintenance Check Up

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It might be time for spring parking lot maintenance.

Spring has sprung and now is the time asphalt parking lots tell us how they fared during the winter. As temperatures begin to warm, asphalt pavements expand and reveal to us a variety of new issues. It is critical that the parking lot owner or manager do a thorough walk-through for any new or growing defects that might need attention.

Duraseal Asphalt Sealing & Line Striping have been the experts in parking lot maintenance in Camden NJ, Philadelphia PA and the entire New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware area since 1983.

Here a few things you should look for during your parking lot maintenance walk-through:

Expanding Cracks – If you have cracks in your parking lot that you’ve kept at bay with a quality asphalt sealant, you may notice those cracks getting larger. It is important that we come out to reseal those cracks to keep the water out. Crack repair is the best, most cost-effective parking lot maintenance technique to preserve the life of your asphalt investment.

Alligator Cracking and Potholes – When cracks get out of hand and moisture begins to affect the layers beneath your pavement, alligator cracking (lots of cracks that form a pattern of scales that look like alligator skin) begins to form and eventually develop into a pothole. This is a serious pavement defect and should be taken care of immediately to keep a safe environment and sound pavement. Call us to perform skin or full depth patch asphalt repair to address this serious parking lot maintenance problem.

Thinning or Fading Sealant – If we’ve already applied an asphalt sealant to your pavement, you may notice it beginning to fade in color or reveal the asphalt beneath the coating. If this is the case, now is the time to apply a fresh asphalt sealant to protect it from the sun’s UV rays and harsh chemicals. Call us for our asphalt sealcoating service now before the season gets too busy.

Dull Pavement Markings – Spring and summer are a busy time of year for most businesses. If your parking lot striping and pavement markings are beginning to fade, you may want to consider re-striping to keep a safe and attractive lot. Busy parking lots always present a certain amount of risk for pedestrians and vehicles, so now is the time for parking lot maintenance. Keep the risk and your liability as low as possible by maintaining your parking lot lines and markings. We also can help with your traffic signs, car stops and other traffic control devices.

Take a thorough walk around your parking lot today, save money on repairs and reduce your liability for any safety issues that might come up.

Call to set up an appointment with the expert Philadelphia – Camden Asphalt Company at 1-800-559-SEAL or fill out the Free Quote form for a free no-obligation consultation. We can put together the perfect parking lot maintenance plan in Camden, Philadelphia and the entire New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware area.

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