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Asphalt Pavement Solutions became Mercer County New Jersey’s premier paving company by providing consistently quality pavement installation, repair, and maintenance over thirty years. Our professional paving contractors have been working on all kinds of jobs from subdivisions to commercial parking lots since 1984.

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  • All of our paving contractors maintain professional licensing so that our local clients, whether commercial or municipal, can trust that our paving work meets or exceeds asphalt industry standards.
  • We proud to serve Mercer County NJ area communities because we’re also locals, and we treat every area client as a neighbor, which means with integrity and transparency.
  • Over the decades, we’ve grown and expanded our from a part time NJ paving business in 1983 to the tri-state area’s most trusted full service asphalt paving company.

Explore Mercer County New Jersey

Mercer County is one of the most scenic, historic, and influential counties in the Garden State, with lots of beautiful communities both large and small, including Trenton, NJ, which is the state capital as well as the seat of Mercer County. With a growing population of nearly 370,000 in 2019, the county is between the major metro areas of New York, NY and Philadelphia, PA. Many of the communities in this area are commuter towns for these thriving urban areas, but there are also plenty of history, natural beauty, and fun attractions for visitors to explore in Mercer County.

Mercer County was formed in 1838 during a redistricting of New Jersey by the state legislature, which combined West and East Jersey. The former boundary between these areas, called the Keith Line, still bisects the county. The area was named for American Revolutionary hero Continental Army General Hugh Mercer, who fought at the Battle of Princeton in 1777. He died from wounds received at this battle under an oak tree in Princeton NJ called the Mercer Oak, which stood for 250 years. Trenton NJ houses both the Old Barracks Museum, which preserves the history of the Revolution and the New Jersey State Museum as well.


The township of Princeton is a hot spot for local and American history, containing that famous oak tree but also historic Princeton University and the traditional home of the state’s governor, a historic estate called Drumthwacket. In addition to the university’s cultural sites and many American Revolution historic sites, such as the Princeton Battlefield State Park, this quaint township has many modern attractions like local restaurants and shopping centers. The downtown area also offers a vibrant night life.

Hamilton Township

Located very close to Philadelphia, Hamilton Township is a growing Mercer County town with a 2010 population of around 89,000 residents. Hamilton is just east of Trenton NJ and has been consistently voted as one of the safest cities in the state as well as a great place to live. Sayen Park Botanical Garden, a historic estate and gardens, is also located within the town and is a great place to spend a summer afternoon.

Ewing Township

With a 2010 population of 35,790, Ewing is a growing bedroom community serving the urban areas around Mercer County but maintaining its own historic sites as well as small town charm. The Trenton-Mercer Airport is located in the town, making it a local transportation hub. Visitors to Ewing will enjoy an afternoon at the local brewery, River Horse Brewing Company, where they can sample local beers as well as a meal.

Lawrence Township

With lots of historic sites as well as modern attractions, Lawrence is one of New Jersey’s best commuter towns that also has a lot to do during a day trip. A popular attraction is Terhune Orchards & Winery, which offers pick your own fruit as well as local vintages, but there are also a ton of beautiful municipal parks that highlight the area’s natural beauty.

West Windsor

Both East and West Windsor NJ were created in 1797 from Windsor Township, and the two communities are connected to this day. Mercer County State Park is mostly located in the town, with over 2,000 acres of parkland that includes hiking trails, sports facilities, and water activities at Mercer Lake. Visitors can enjoy a whole day at the park and then have a nice meal in historic downtown West Windsor before taking in a show at Kelsey Theatre.

East Windsor

With a population of 27,190 as of the 2010 US Census, East Windsor NJ is a vibrant commuter town with its own scenic beauty and attractions for visitors to enjoy. Along with its sister city to the west, East Windsor was one of the Garden State’s initial 105 towns, and there are several historic buildings preserving this unique part of American history. In addition, the Working Dog Winery and the David Bradley Chocolatier Factory make for a great day trip.

Hopewell Township

This lovely New Jersey town’s most famous attraction is the Washington Crossing State Park, which commemorates the famous crossing of the Delaware River by George Washington on December 25, 1776. This large park on the New Jersey side of the river contains 140 acres of protected natural areas, an outdoor event center, and many other attractions, including Hopewell Valley Vineyards.

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