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Asphalt Pavement Solutions was started in 1983 as a part time paving business, and we’ve been expanding every year since to become Burlington County’s leading paving company. We offer top notch asphalt maintenance and pavement repair, as well as professional installation of commercial parking lots and roadways all over the tristate area. Whether our Burlington County clients need a new parking lot or a pothole repair, we’re there for them.

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  • As a locally owned company, we are dedicated to our clients in Burlington County, despite expanding to the entire tri-state area.
  • We make sure every one of our valued paving contractors is licensed and bonded for pavement work as well as fully insured for everyone’s safety.
  • With over 30 years of experience, we’ve completed all kinds of jobs, including industrial loading zones, apartment complexes, commercial parking lots, and more.

Explore Burlington County, NJ

As the largest county in the Garden State by area, Burlington County stretches from the Delaware River to the tidal estuaries of the Great Bay. According to the 2010 Census, there were almost 450,000 residents of the county, with 45,000 of those living in Evesham/Marlton, NJ. The county has many small rivers and wetlands. Many of these forests and wetlands have become protected nature parks, including Rancocas State Park, giving residents many opportunities for outdoor activities like hiking, camping, boating, swimming, and fishing. These natural resources made Burlington a center for agriculture in past centuries, though industrialization brought valuable shipping commerce to coastal areas.

Marlton, NJ

The village of Marlton is technically inside Evesham Township, though locals refer to the whole area as Marlton, which is a name derived from a type of clay found in the area called “marl.” This clay was a major source of commerce in the past, and the modern town still has many historic buildings from this era. Historic tours and quaint local restaurants celebrate this history and make Marlton a great place to visit, and visitors can even stay in the historic and charming Marlton Hotel to complete the experience. Local eateries like Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar offer a unique experience for both residents and visitors alike.

Evesham, NJ

The area around Evesham Township has a long history stretching back to the first settlements in the Garden State, and the modern town retains several historic buildings overseen by the Evesham Historical Society. Though it’s considered a suburb of Philadelphia, PA, Evesham Township is one of the most populous towns in Burlington County with over 45,000 residents in 2010. As a Philly bedroom community, the town has many amenities for residents such as public parks and a high quality school system. There’s also lots of family fun available at places like the Garden State Discovery Museum and Sahara Sam’s waterpark. Visitors and residents can enjoy local brews at Zed’s Beer, a great meal at Johnny Longshots, or adult fun at the Escape Room Challenge.

Mt Laurel, NJ

Created from parts of Evesham Township in 1872, and a building boom soon followed that became a wealth of historic sites in the town today, including the historic brick Evesham Friends Meeting House and the Alice Paul Institute, an important site in woman’s suffrage history. In addition to these historical attractions, the town offers residents family fun at indoor sports center the Funplex. Cheyenne’s Road Market provides fresh local produce and craft goods, and the Air Victory Museum showcases military aviation history. For outdoor fun, Laurel Acres Park combines history and natural space, giving visitors a great space for learning about local history as well as picnicking and enjoying the outdoors.

Moorestown, NJ

One of the eastern suburbs of Philadelphia, PA, Moorestown is a quaint Garden State bedroom community with 20,000 residents as of the 2010 US Census. The town was founded in 1920, and named for a 18th century resident, Thomas Moore, though many locals claim it was named for the famous poet of the same name. The nearby Boundary Creek Natural Resource Area is a beautiful protected forest that gives area residents a place to enjoy nature through hiking, camping, and more. The main draw for the area is the Moorestown Mall, which offers a wealth of high end shopping experiences for visitors. Local eateries like Harvest Seasonal Grill & Wine Bar offers visitors and residents high end dining.

Burlington Township, NJ

Founded way back in 1798, Burlington Township is distinct from other area towns like Burlington City, and it had a population of just over 20,000 in 2010. Burlington has lots of beautiful natural places to enjoy, being located close to Rancocas State Park as well as the Delaware River Heritage Trail. Both protected natural areas are great for camping, hiking, and outdoor activities. Green Acres Park provides greenspace for picnics, outdoor sports, and family fun. Visitors can get a local brew at Third State Brewery, have some great food at Amy’s Omelette House diner, or learn about area literary history at the James Fenimore Cooper House.

Cinnaminson, NJ

Created as a township way back in 1860, Cinnaminson, NJ has been steadily growing since then from a farming to a vital bedroom community serving nearby urban areas. Debate still rages over the unique name, which means either “sweet water” or “stone island” in Native American languages. Cinnaminson has many beautiful rivers and greenspaces, and Marsh Creek Lake is the local place for fishing, boating, and swimming. Local restaurants like Whistlers Inn offer visitors and residents nightlife and high quality dining.

Medford, NJ

A growing community in the Burlington County, Medford has a history stretching back to the American Revolutionary War. In the 1800s, the town was known for glassmaking and grain mills, and many historic buildings from this time, like Kirby’s Mill, keep this rich history alive. This quaint Garden State community also had modern activities, including local breweries like Lower Forge Brewery, unique experiences at places like Indian Acres Tree Farm, and shopping at local shops. Nearby Cedar Run Wildlife Refuge offers nature walks, education, and outdoor activities.

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