Asphalt Repairs 101: The Basics of Our Commercial Services

Asphalt Repairs 101: The Basics of Our Commercial Services

Spring is quickly approaching, which means customers will be more inclined to go out and enjoy warmer weather. This is why it’s important to make sure you thoroughly inspect your parking lot for cracks, potholes, and dulled down parking line paint that deteriorated over the winter. When asphalt is installed correctly and regularly maintained, business owners can expect it to last for up to 25 years. If yours doesn’t last that long, you can take comfort in the fact that at Asphalt Pavement Solutions, we offer commercial parking lot repair to bring it back to the way it should be.

Listed below are the services that make up a “complete” commercial job we offer here at Asphalt Pavement Solutions. However, these services can also be scheduled individually for maintenance purposes.

Asphalt Repairs (Potholes, Patching)

Cracks and large potholes in your parking lot not only reduce the value of your property and are unappealing, but they also pose a safety issue and cause problems for customers. There are many factors which cause asphalt deterioration, and our specialists have the solution for asphalt of all conditions.

Crack Sealing

Over time, sunlight causes asphalt to oxidize. When this happens, it becomes brittle and cracks easily. To prevent the more expensive repairs, crack sealing should be done as often as needed. Crack sealing services prevent water from entering and weakening the asphalt, which in turn causes cracks to widen or spread. Just as you would seal leaks in a roof, you should seal cracks in your asphalt pavement.

Line Striping

Our parking lot striping services will keep your parking lot looking sharp, and help you promote a cleaner, more organized parking lot. This will create a more inviting environment, allowing your customers to navigate and maximize parking easily. You can trust that we’re knowledgeable of the city and state regulations, and that we only use airless sprayers to achieve the sharpest, clearest lines possible.


Asphalt sealcoating will help prevent deterioration and, as a result, extend the life of your pavement. This process will protect your asphalt from the sun’s ultraviolet rays, as well as stains from dangerous oil and gas leaks. Plus, the smooth surface will require less year-round maintenance and help you save money by preventing costly repairs in the future.

If you notice any potholes or damaged areas in your businesses parking lot, don’t hesitate – reach out for our repair services immediately!

Business owners who choose to ignore or put off repairs later are eventually faced with more significant issues that mean more costly repairs. Give us a call today or request a free quote here!

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