Amazing History of Asphalt

Amazing History of Asphalt

Amazing History of AsphaltThe world’s demand for asphalt road construction was no surprise. At one time, roads were merely pathways that emerged when humans and animals frequently traveled routes. Of course, dirt, mud, and natural growth could impair travel. One can only imagine how magical it seemed to travel on a surface that did not become muddy.

Amazing History of Asphalt – When Did It Start?

Although ancient Babylonians used asphalt in 625 B.C., Europeans and Americans did not experiment with it until centuries later. In the mid-1700s, several Scottish gentleman influenced asphalt construction. Thomas Treford recognized that the preparation of the underlying surface and anticipated traffic were important considerations before construction. John Lourdan McAdam developed a method of packing stones tightly, and John Metcalf created a method of layering stone, materials from the earth, and gravel to promote drainage. In the 1800s, the first asphalt road in America was built in front of New Jersey’s City Hall.

Initially, all asphalt came from natural sources. However, most asphalt mixes were man-made by 1907. The increase in automobiles enhanced the need for improved roads.  In order to meet production demands, asphalt construction technology improved. Machinery, such as rollers and mixers, replaced manual steps of paving construction. As time advanced, other technology made it easier and faster to produce asphalt.

Currently, roads, buildings, sports courts, parking lots, and other construction is built with asphalt. Its durability, cost, and eco-friendly properties make it an excellent choice for many projects. Given the many advantages of asphalt, it is likely that its uses will continue to expand.

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