What a Reliable Blacktop Contractor can Do for Your Pavement

What a Reliable Blacktop Contractor can Do for Your Pavement

By: John Verzi

If you have an asphalt surface on your property or are thinking about paving for the first time, it’s important to contact a reliable blacktop contractor with backing and experience.

In the Philadelphia and Camden area, Duraseal Asphalt Sealing & Line Striping is the indisputable blacktop contractor, with over 30 years of experience and hundreds of happy customers under its belt.

Duraseal is able to install and repair new blacktop for both parking lots and driveways. Once installed, Duraseal can offer a comprehensive maintenance plan for your pavement to keep it from premature deterioration.

Preventive Blacktop Maintenance

Asphalt sealcoating is the smart thing to do to protect your pavement’s condition and it’s the most common and cost-effective preventive maintenance procedure. It protects against oil, salt, water, UV rays, and gasoline; which are deleterious to asphalt and inevitably come in contact with pavement regularly.

By sealing your asphalt, you are able to keep your pavement looking new while protecting its integrity. Blacktop sealcoating is a fraction of the price that would be spent replacing asphalt once it has been damaged to the point of needing pavement removal or overlays.

Blacktop Repair

However, if a surface is already damaged with cracks, alligatoring, potholes, and other issues, these must be repaired first. Duraseal uses Infrared technology, which saves time and money, and provides a seamless fix. No joints means no water penetration and more protection in the long run.

Our blacktop maintenance services address any and all pavement related issues.

Asphalt Paving – New installations or overlays
Asphalt Sealcoating – Protect pavement against the damaging effects of time
Asphalt Crack Repair – Most cost effective way to extend pavement life
Asphalt Repair – Pothole repair, edge repair, alligator cracking and more
ADA Compliance – Comply with Americans with Disabilities Act
Parking Lot Striping & Pavement Marking – Keep your lot orderly and safe
Traffic Signs, Bollards, Cars Stops and more – Clear instructions for cars & people

Contact Duraseal Asphalt Sealing & Line Striping. We are your blacktop contractors of choice, ready to meet all of your pavement maintenance needs. We offer Philadelphia & Camden asphalt maintenance throughout New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware. Call us today at 800-559-SEAL or fill out the Free Quote form.


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